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cama de gato 1 k

Cat's Cradle (Cama de Gato)

Documentary / Fiction by Filipa Reis & João Miller Guerra
Produced by Vende-Sefilmes
Portugal, 2012, 57’, HD
Portuguese with en subtitles
“Things happen, they occur and we either take advantage or we don’t. There’s a children’s game that, in Portugal, goes by the name cat’s cradle: the children tie a rope in a circle, then someone’s hand does this, someone else comes along and complicates it somehow, some finger complicates it even more, yet another one comes and twists his intertwined fingers and pulls his hand, and a new figure is formed. This game is called cat’s cradle. I think that what we have, in life, is a perpetual children’s game with the cat’s cradle, that life presents us with a problem, we look to see what we can get out of it, then we stick our fingers in it, we go like this and something else comes out.
At best, the ability we can hope to achieve is that of becoming children again, and be able to truly see how the cat‘s cradle turns out.” Agostinho da Silva
Award for Best Portuguese Short Film | Indielisboa 2012 | Lisbon, PT 
Revelation Award | Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira 2012 | Santa Maria da Feira, PT

ednas tag 1 k

Edna’s Day

Children’s documentary by Bernd Sahling
Produced by Blinker Film / WDR, supported by BKM / Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film / Filmstiftung NRW.
Germany 2009, 20′
German with en subtitles
Having come to Germany only recently, Edna is new in the class. And she stills needs to learn the foreign language. Seated at an extra desk in the last row, the Bosnian girl is sometimes forgotten by the class. And Edna sometimes forgets the class, too. But she draws more and more attention to herself.
Developed within the dok you - Competition.

oemer the lord k

Ömer, The Lord

Documentary by Mehmet Akif Büyükataly.
Produced by Blinker Film / Boogiefilm / KHM / WDR
Germany 2011, HD, 11’
German with en subtitles
Ömer, the Lord, is cool – as cool as the fighters in video games and action movies. Ömer, the boy, is nice, a bit shy and listens to his mother. She is the keeper of the computer password that allows Ömer to enter his virtual world. There, Ömer improves the ninja fighter by making his armory stronger and raising his attack points by killing wild animals. In the real world, Ömer goes to the boxing gym to improve his own attack points.
When playing on his PSP or the family PC, Ömer feels independent and strong, and on facebook he may act like a real tough guy.
Made for the dok you - Competiton.

sounds for mazin 2 k

Sounds for Mazin

Documentary by Ingrid Kamerling.
Production Company: Hollandse Helden 
The Netherlands 2012, 19 min, Colour / HDCAM
Dutch / Arabic with en subtitles
Mazin (12) is deaf from the day he was born. But now he faces an operation that is supposed to make him hear. Excited about all the new things he might discover, Mazin is looking forward to it. What about hearing all these new sounds? And what about talking with his family?
But he keeps on having second thoughts. For one of his closest classmates a similar operation turned out to be a disaster. And even if he succeeds, the world as he knows it might never be the same again.

Première: 20th October 2012, Cinekid Amsterdam
TV première: 25th November 2012
Awards: Mediafondsprijs Kids & Docs 2012; Documenta Madrid 13; Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 2013; Picture this…international film festival, Galgary Canada 2014; Tally Shorts Film Festival, Florida USA; Asterfest Int. Film Festival, Macedonia.

to be a b girl 1 k

To Be A B-Girl

Documentary Film by Yasmin Angel. 
Produced by Blinker Film / Boogiefilm / KHM / ifs Köln / WDR
Germany 2013, HDV 20’20 
German with en subtitles
Jilou is a B-Girl. At the age of 13 she attended her first HipHop-Battle. She graduated a while ago and tries to figure out what to study. Jilou takes us to practice and to the battles, a world dominated by men. Usually she’s the only girl, but she doesn’t care about all the bruises which are a part of this sport.
Made for the dok you - Competition.


Das NRW-Filmerbe
Archivierung, Digitalisierung und Veröffentlichung

26. / 27. April 2017, Filmforum NRW, Köln


Ergebnisse Online: Die Tonaufnahmen der Vorträge und Panels, die Zusammenfassung des Symposiums von Marcus Seibert sowie die politischen Forderungen zum NRW-Filmerbe.
Gibt es ein NRW-Filmerbe? Reicht es nicht, wenn die Erhaltung des deutschen Filmerbes vor allem auf der Bundesebene diskutiert und organisiert wird?


Neuerscheinung Band 19

Raymond Depardon

aus dem Französischen von Marcus Seibert

Depardon begibt sich auf eine ungewöhnliche Reise, ohne Ziel und ohne geplantes Projekt, auf der Suche nach einem für ihn akzeptablen Ort. Er wählt einen Fotoapparat und eine Optik aus, und entscheidet sich - anders als die klassischen Regeln der Fotografie - dafür, den Horizont seiner Bilder stets in die Bildmitte zu nehmen und nur im Hochformat zu fotografieren.


Neuauflage im Neusatz

Serge Daney
Von der Welt ins Bild

 Augenzeugenberichte eines Cinephilen

Hg. von Christa Blümlinger
Aus dem Französischen von Christa Blümlinger, Dieter Hornig und Silvia Ronelt

Berlin 2000, 2016 280 Seiten, € 24,-

ISBN 978-3-930916-26-9 wieder neu aufgelegt



Das NRW-Filmerbe

Neben dem Abschlussbericht dokumentieren wir das dfi-Symposium zum NRW-Filmerbe mit Tonaufnahmen der Vorträge und Panels.




Die Video-Dokumentation des Symposiums ist online. Außerdem online sind Presseecho und Fotos der Veranstaltung. Zum Abspielen der Videos bitte auf die großen Bilder klicken.